Find out who all is died in 9. century

Saudi Arabian 11th of the Twelve Imams Hasan al-Askari died 4. January 874. (born 846)

Iraqi 8th Abbasid caliph Al-Mu`tasim died 5. January 842. (born 794)

Tabaristan ruler Hasan ibn Zayd died 6. January 884.

Italian priest, theologian, and saint Paulinus II of Aquileia died 11. January 802. (born 726)

Byzantine emperor Staurakios died 11. January 812.

Byzantine emperor Michael I Rangabe died 11. January 844. (born 770)

Carolingian emperor Charles the Fat died 13. January 888. (born 839)

Byzantine emperor Theophylact died 15. January 849. (born 793)

Palestinian jurist Al-Shafi‘i died 20. January 820. (born 767)

Byzantine emperor Theophilos died 20. January 842. (born 813)

Roman emperor Charlemagne died 28. January 814. (born 742)

Frankish archbishop Rabanus Maurus died 4. February 856. (born 780)

Chinese prince Li Ning died 7. February 812. (born 793)

French monk and saint Benedict of Aniane died 12. February 821. (born 747)

Scottish king Kenneth MacAlpin died 13. February 858. (born 810)

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