Find out who all were born in the 9. century

Frankish son of Arnulf of Carinthia Zwentibold was born 1. January 871. (died 900)

Spanish Emir of Córdoba Abd-ar-Rahman III was born 11. January 889. (died 961)

French son of Bernard of Septimania Bernard Plantapilosa was born 22. March 841. (died 885)

Duke of Aquitaine William I was born 22. March 875. (died 918)

Roman emperor Charles the Bald was born 13. June 823. (died 877)

Roman emperor Charles the Fat was born 13. June 839. (died 888)

Persian scholar Muhammad al-Bukhari was born 19. July 810. (died 870)

Iraqi (Shiite) 12th Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi was born 29. July 869. (died 941)

German archbishop and saint Ansgar was born 8. September 801. (died 865)

Shia tenth of the Twelve Imams Ali al-Hadi was born 8. September 828. (died 868)

French king Charles the Simple was born 17. September 879. (died 929)

Byzantine emperor Leo VI the Wise was born 19. September 866. (died 912)

French king Louis the Stammerer was born 1. November 846. (died 879)

Chinese emperor Zhu Wen was born 5. December 852. (died 912)

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