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Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, is defeated in Friuli by Venetian troops (6. June 1508)

Italian Wars: Battle of Novara. Swiss troops defeat the French under Louis de la Tremoille, forcing the French to abandon Milan. Duke Massimiliano Sforza is restored. (6. June 1513)

Gustav Vasa, the Swedish regent, is elected king of Sweden, marking a symbolic end to the Kalmar Union. This is the Swedish national day. (6. June 1523)

Francis Drake's forces raid St. Augustine in Spanish Florida. (6. June 1586)

The Qing Dynasty Manchu forces led by the Shunzhi Emperor capture Beijing during the collapse of the Ming Dynasty. (6. June 1644)

Queen Christina abdicates the Swedish throne and is succeeded by her cousin Charles X Gustav. She abdicated because she wanted to become a Catholic (which is forbidden in the strictly Protestant Sweden) and did not want to marry to produce an heir to the throne. (6. June 1654)

Shivaji, founder of the Maratha empire, is crowned. (6. June 1674)

The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England, opens as the world's first university museum. (6. June 1683)

A devastating fire destroys one-third of Moscow, including 18,000 homes. (6. June 1752)

British forces begin a siege of Havana and temporarily capture the city in the Battle of Havana. (6. June 1762)

Napoleon's brother, Joseph Bonaparte, is crowned King of Spain. (6. June 1808)

Sweden promulgates a new Constitution, which restores political power to the Riksdag of the Estates after 20 years of enlightened absolutism. At the same time, Charles XIII is elected to succeed Gustav IV Adolf as King of Sweden. (6. June 1809)

War of 1812: Battle of Stoney Creek – A British force of 700 under John Vincent defeats an American force two times its size under William Winder and John Chandler. (6. June 1813)

Alexis St. Martin is accidentally shot in the stomach, leading to William Beaumont's studies on digestion. (6. June 1822)

The June Rebellion in Paris is put down by the National Guard. (6. June 1832)

The U.S. President Andrew Jackson becomes the first President to ride on a train. (6. June 1833)

The Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) is founded in London. (6. June 1844)

Sophia of Nassau marries the future King Oscar II of Sweden–Norway. (6. June 1857)

Australia: Queensland is established as a separate colony from New South Wales (Queensland Day). (6. June 1859)

American Civil War: Battle of Memphis – Union forces capture Memphis, Tennessee, from the Confederates. (6. June 1862)

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