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German bishop and saint Norbert of Xanten died 6. June 1134. (born 1060)

Italian painter, sculptor, and architect Vecchietta died 6. June 1480. (born 1412)

Portuguese navy officer and politician, João de Castro died 6. June 1548. (born 1500)

Japanese commander Ikeda Nagamasa died 6. June 1563. (born 1519)

Japanese daimyo Nakagawa Kiyohide died 6. June 1583. (born 1556)

French marshal Alain Emmanuel de Coëtlogon died 6. June 1730. (born 1646)

Moroccan-American colonial and politician, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia Alexander Spotswood died 6. June 1740. (born 1676)

Dutch politician Joan van der Capellen tot den Pol died 6. June 1784. (born 1741)

American lawyer and politician, 1st Governor of Virginia Patrick Henry died 6. June 1799. (born 1736)

French architect, designed the Hôtel de Mademoiselle de Condé Alexandre-Théodore Brongniart died 6. June 1813. (born 1739)

English jurist and philosopher Jeremy Bentham died 6. June 1832. (born 1748)

French priest and saint, founded the Marist Brothers Marcellin Champagnat died 6. June 1840. (born 1789)

German poet Friedrich Hölderlin died 6. June 1843. (born 1770)

Count of Cavour, Italian politician, 1st Prime Minister of Italy Camillo Benso died 6. June 1861. (born 1810)

American colonel Turner Ashby died 6. June 1862. (born 1828)

American captain William Quantrill died 6. June 1865. (born 1837)

Scottish clergyman and inventor, invented the stirling engine Robert Stirling died 6. June 1878. (born 1790)

Belgian violinist and composer Henri Vieuxtemps died 6. June 1881. (born 1820)

Scottish-Canadian lawyer and politician, 1st Prime Minister of Canada John A. Macdonald died 6. June 1891. (born 1815)

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