Find out who all is died in 9. century

Greek monk, scholar, and linguist Saint Cyril died 14. February 869. (born 827)

Frankish monk and diplomat Angilbert died 18. February 814. (born 760)

Duke of Brittany Nominoe died 7. March 851.

Spanish martyr Eulogius of Córdoba died 11. March 859. (born 819)

Chinese official Zhou Chi died 23. March 851. (born 793)

Abbasid caliph Harun al-Rashid died 24. March 809. (born 763)

Byzantine monk Plato of Sakkoudion died 4. April 814. (born 735)

Byzantine missionary Saint Methodius died 6. April 885. (born 815)

French son of Ermentrude of Orléans Louis the Stammerer died 10. April 879. (born 846)

Bulgarian ruler Krum died 13. April 814.

Byzantine chief minister Bardas died 21. April 866.

English monk and scholar Alcuin died 19. May 804. (born 735)

Saudi Arabian 8th of The Twelve Imams Ali Al-Ridha died 26. May 818. (born 766)

Abbasid regent Al-Muwaffaq died 2. June 891. (born 842)

Japanese wire of Emperor Saga Tachibana no Kachiko died 17. June 850. (born 786)

French archbishop Fulk died 17. June 900.

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