Gabby Soleil, American actress (American actress, 25.5.1995.)

Aly Raisman, American gymnast (American gymnast, 25.5.1994.)

Jillian Wheeler, American singer-songwriter and actress (American singer-songwriter and actress, 25.5.1991.)

Nikita Filatov, Russian ice hockey player (Russian ice hockey player, 25.5.1990.)

Karel Tammjärv, Estonian skier (Estonian skier, 25.5.1989.)

Cameron van der Burgh, South African swimmer (South African swimmer, 25.5.1988.)

JJ Hamblett, English singer (Union J) (English singer (Union J), 25.5.1988.)

Elle Fowler, American blogger (American blogger, 25.5.1988.)

Moritz Stehling, German footballer (German footballer, 25.5.1987.)

Yves De Winter, Belgian footballer (Belgian footballer, 25.5.1987.)


Lewis Yocum, American surgeon (b. 1947) (American surgeon , 25.5.2013.)

Jimmy Wray, Scottish politician (b. 1935) (Scottish politician , 25.5.2013.)

T. M. Soundararajan, Indian singer (b. 1922) (Indian singer , 25.5.2013.)

Nand Kumar Patel, Indian politician (b. 1953) (Indian politician , 25.5.2013.)

Marshall Lytle, American bass player and songwriter (Bill Haley & His Comets and The Jodimars) (b. 1933) (American bass player and songwriter (Bill Haley & His Comets and The Jodimars) , 25.5.2013.)

Jan Kinder, Norwegian ice hockey player (b. 1944) (Norwegian ice hockey player , 25.5.2013.)

Mahendra Karma, Indian politician (b. 1950) (Indian politician , 25.5.2013.)

Gene Burns, American radio host (b. 1940) (American radio host , 25.5.2013.)

Walt Budko, American basketball player and coach (b. 1925) (American basketball player and coach , 25.5.2013.)

Harry Birrell, American journalist (b. 1928) (American journalist , 25.5.2013.)


A gas cylinder explodes on a school bus in the Pakistani city of Gujrat, killing at least 17 children and injuring 7 others. (25.5.2013.)

Suspected Maoist rebels kill at least 28 people and injure 32 others in an attack on a convoy of Indian National Congress politicians in Chhattisgarh, India. (25.5.2013.)

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