Isabel Suckling, English singer (English singer, 24.3.1998.)

Anna Hämäläinen, Russian-Finnish runner (Russian-Finnish runner, 24.3.1994.)

Ryo Ryusei, Japanese actor (Japanese actor, 24.3.1993.)

Jeremy Rosado, American singer (American singer, 24.3.1992.)

Melody Nurramdhani Laksani, Indonesian singer (JKT48) (Indonesian singer (JKT48), 24.3.1992.)

Dalila Jakupovič, Slovenian tennis player (Slovenian tennis player, 24.3.1991.)

Libby Clegg, English runner (English runner, 24.3.1990.)

Starlin Castro, American baseball player (American baseball player, 24.3.1990.)

Keisha Castle-Hughes, New Zealand actress (New Zealand actress, 24.3.1990.)

Aljur Abrenica, Filipino actor (Filipino actor, 24.3.1990.)


Jessica Upshaw, American lawyer and politician (b. 1959) (American lawyer and politician , 24.3.2013.)

Francis Hovell-Thurlow-Cumming-Bruce, 8th Baron Thurlow, English diplomat (b. 1912) (8th Baron Thurlow, English diplomat , 24.3.2013.)

Mohamed Yousri Salama, Egyptian politician (b. 1974) (Egyptian politician , 24.3.2013.)

Deke Richards, American songwriter and producer (b. 1944) (American songwriter and producer , 24.3.2013.)

Paolo Ponzo, Italian footballer (b. 1972) (Italian footballer , 24.3.2013.)

Walker David Miller, American judge (b. 1939) (American judge , 24.3.2013.)

Gury Marchuk, Russian scientist and academic (b. 1925) (Russian scientist and academic , 24.3.2013.)

Inge Lønning, Norwegian theologian, educator, and politician (b. 1938) (Norwegian theologian, educator, and politician , 24.3.2013.)

Peter Duryea, American actor (b. 1939) (American actor , 24.3.2013.)

Harold Burns, American politician (b. 1926) (American politician , 24.3.2013.)


Bhutan officially becomes a democracy, with its first ever general election. (24.3.2008.)

The Arab League votes 21-1 in favor of a resolution demanding the immediate and unconditional removal of U.S. and British soldiers from Iraq. (24.3.2003.)

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