Find out who all were born in the 1. century

Roman general and politician Mark Antony was born 14. January 83. (died 30BCE)

Roman soldier Marcus Antonius Antyllus was born 14. January 47. (died 30BC)

Roman emperor Hadrian was born 24. January 76. (died 138)

Roman wife of Augustus Livia was born 30. January 58. (died 29)

Greek daughter of Mark Antony Antonia Minor was born 31. January 36. (died 38AD)

Roman son of Claudius Britannicus was born 12. February 41. (died 55)

Latin poet Martial was born 1. March 40. (died 102)

Roman poet Ovid was born 20. March 43. (died 17)

Roman emperor Otho was born 28. April 32. (died 69AD)

Roman general Germanicus was born 24. May 15. (died 19)

Roman general Gnaeus Julius Agricola was born 13. June 40. (died 93)

Egyptian king Caesarion was born 23. June 47. (died 30BC)

Roman daughter of Ulpia Marciana Salonina Matidia was born 4. July 68. (died 119)

Roman General Julius Caesar was born 12. July 100. (died 44BC)

Roman emperor Claudius was born 1. August 10. (died 54)

Roman emperor Caligula was born 31. August 12. (died 41)

Roman daughter of Titus Julia Flavia was born 13. September 64. (died 91)

Roman daughter of Germanicus Julia Drusilla was born 16. September 16. (died 38)

Roman emperor Trajan was born 18. September 53. (died 117)

Roman emperor Antoninus Pius was born 19. September 86. (died 161)

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