Find out who all was born on 8. June

Italian poet Gabriello Chiabrera was born 8. June 1552. (died 1638)

Italian-French mathematician and astronomer Giovanni Domenico Cassini was born 8. June 1625. (died 1712)

Italian composer Tomaso Albinoni was born 8. June 1671. (died 1751)

American politician, 3rd Governor of Rhode Island John Collins was born 8. June 1717. (died 1795)

English engineer, designed the Coldstream Bridge and Perth Bridge John Smeaton was born 8. June 1724. (died 1794)

Norwegian-Danish mathematician and cartographer Caspar Wessel was born 8. June 1745. (died 1818)

Italian cardinal Ercole Consalvi was born 8. June 1757. (died 1824)

German composer and critic Robert Schumann was born 8. June 1810. (died 1856)

English painter and illustrator John Everett Millais was born 8. June 1829. (died 1896)

Canadian-American sergeant, Medal of Honor recipient Thomas J. Higgins was born 8. June 1831. (died 1917)

American lawyer and politician, 36th Governor of Massachusetts John Q. A. Brackett was born 8. June 1842. (died 1918)

American wife of William McKinley, 25th First Lady of the United States Ida Saxton McKinley was born 8. June 1847. (died 1907)

French physician and physicist Jacques-Arsène d`Arsonval was born 8. June 1851. (died 1940)

Italian physician Guido Banti was born 8. June 1852. (died 1925)

Canadian politician, 8th Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba Douglas Cameron was born 8. June 1854. (died 1921)

English painter and illustrator George Charles Haité was born 8. June 1855. (died 1924)

English evangelist Smith Wigglesworth was born 8. June 1859. (died 1947)

Irish-English mathematician Alicia Boole Stott was born 8. June 1860. (died 1940)

American architect, designed the Price Tower and Fallingwater Frank Lloyd Wright was born 8. June 1867. (died 1959)

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