See all who died on 28. August

Roman emperor Magnus Maximus died 28. August 388. (born 335)

Algerian theologian and saint Augustine of Hippo died 28. August 430. (born 354)

Roman general and politician Orestes died 28. August 476.

Frankish king Louis the German died 28. August 876. (born 804)

Dutch philosopher Hugo Grotius died 28. August 1645. (born 1583)

English commander Charles Lucas died 28. August 1648. (born 1613)

Swedish politician, Lord High Chancellor of Sweden Axel Oxenstierna died 28. August 1654. (born 1583)

1st Baron Berkeley of Stratton, English soldier John Berkeley died 28. August 1678. (born 1602)

English philosopher David Hartley died 28. August 1757. (born 1705)

Spanish-American missionary Junípero Serra died 28. August 1784. (born 1713)

Comte de Custine, French general Adam Philippe died 28. August 1793. (born 1740)

Scottish church leader and author Alexander Carlyle died 28. August 1805. (born 1722)

American founder of Chicago Jean Baptiste Point du Sable died 28. August 1818. (born 1750)

American surveyor Andrew Ellicott died 28. August 1820. (born 1754)

English geologist William Smith died 28. August 1839. (born 1769)

Finnish poet and journalist Julius Krohn died 28. August 1888. (born 1835)

English economist and philosopher Henry Sidgwick died 28. August 1900. (born 1838)

American journalist and architect, co-designed Central Park Frederick Law Olmsted died 28. August 1903. (born 1822)

Austrian fencer and cyclist Adolf Schmal died 28. August 1919. (born 1872)

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