See all who died on 10. June

Macedonian king Alexander the Great died 10. June 323. (born 356BC)

Chinese emperor Liu Bei died 10. June 223. (born 161)

Margrave of Austria Ernest died 10. June 1075. (born 1027)

Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I died 10. June 1190. (born 1122)

Duke of Austria Ernest died 10. June 1424. (born 1377)

English poet Alexander Barclay died 10. June 1552. (born 1476)

German composer and theorist Martin Agricola died 10. June 1556. (born 1486)

Portuguese poet Luís de Camões died 10. June 1580. (born 1524)

English politician, Attorney General for England and Wales John Popham died 10. June 1607. (born 1531)

Italian sculptor Alessandro Algardi died 10. June 1654. (born 1598)

Swedish politician Johan Göransson Gyllenstierna died 10. June 1680. (born 1635)

English-American woman executed for witchcraft Bridget Bishop died 10. June 1692. (born 1632)

English antiquarian Thomas Hearne died 10. June 1735. (born 1678)

German architect Joachim Ludwig Schultheiss von Unfriedt died 10. June 1753. (born 1678)

Burmese king Hsinbyushin died 10. June 1776. (born 1736)

Austrian instrument maker Leopold Widhalm died 10. June 1776. (born 1722)

French admiral Toussaint-Guillaume Picquet de la Motte died 10. June 1791. (born 1720)

Caribbean-French violinist, composer, and conductor Chevalier de Saint-Georges died 10. June 1799. (born 1745)

German-Russian field marshal Hans Karl von Diebitsch died 10. June 1831. (born 1785)

French physicist and mathematician André-Marie Ampère died 10. June 1836. (born 1775)

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