See all who died on 11. June

French historian André Félibien died 11. June 1695. (born 1619)

Duke of Vendôme Louis Joseph died 11. June 1712. (born 1654)

English brewer and politician, founded the Whitbread Company Samuel Whitbread died 11. June 1796. (born 1720)

English admiral and politician John Franklin died 11. June 1847. (born 1786)

Russian painter Karl Bryullov died 11. June 1852. (born 1799)

German-Austrian politician, 1st State Chancellor of the Austrian Empire Klemens von Metternich died 11. June 1859. (born 1773)

Prince of Orange William died 11. June 1879. (born 1840)

French bishop Louis Désiré Maigret died 11. June 1882. (born 1804)

Argentinian colonel Matías Ramos Mejía died 11. June 1885. (born 1810)

Russian mathematician Nikolai Bugaev died 11. June 1903. (born 1837)

Serbian wife of Alexander I of Serbia Draga Mašin died 11. June 1903. (born 1864)

American physician and missionary James Curtis Hepburn died 11. June 1911. (born 1815)

Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz Adolphus Frederick V died 11. June 1914. (born 1848)

Sr., American captain William F. Halsey died 11. June 1920. (born 1853)

French organist, composer, and educator Théodore Dubois died 11. June 1924. (born 1837)

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