Find out who all is died in 21. century

American actor Ray Walston died 1. January 2001. (born 1914)

American film producer and author Julia Phillips died 1. January 2002. (born 1944)

American pilot, politician, and broadcaster, 20th Governor of South Dakota Joe Foss died 1. January 2003. (born 1915)

Romanian journalist Dumitru Tinu died 1. January 2003. (born 1940)

American actor and screenwriter Royce D. Applegate died 1. January 2003. (born 1939)

American educator, politician, and author Shirley Chisholm died 1. January 2005. (born 1924)

American painter Eugene J. Martin died 1. January 2005. (born 1938)

Australian comedian, actress, and singer Dawn Lake died 1. January 2006. (born 1927)

American journalist Harry Magdoff died 1. January 2006. (born 1913)

Irish publisher and inventor, invented the Water hog Hugh McLaughlin died 1. January 2006. (born 1918)

American engineer and scientist Leon Davidson died 1. January 2007. (born 1922)

South African scientist Roland Levinsky died 1. January 2007. (born 1943)

American football player Darrent Williams died 1. January 2007. (born 1982)

American son of Joseph Bonanno Salvatore Bonanno died 1. January 2008. (born 1932)

Irish actor Peter Caffrey died 1. January 2008. (born 1949)

Indian politician Pratap Chandra Chunder died 1. January 2008. (born 1919)

American photographer Harold Corsini died 1. January 2008. (born 1919)

Finnish super-centenarian Aarne Arvonen died 1. January 2009. (born 1897)

American politician Claiborne Pell died 1. January 2009. (born 1918)

Palestinian Hamas leader Nizar Rayan died 1. January 2009. (born 1962)

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