See all who died on 5. July

Count of Alençon Charles III died 5. July 1375. (born 1337)

Florentine scholar Crinitus died 5. July 1507. (born 1475)

Italian saint Anthony Maria Zaccaria died 5. July 1539. (born 1502)

Duke of Bavaria Albert VI died 5. July 1666. (born 1584)

Swedish commander and politician Carl Gustaf Wrangel died 5. July 1676. (born 1613)

French jurist and diplomat Charles Ancillon died 5. July 1715. (born 1659)

3rd Duke of Schomberg, German-English general Meinhardt Schomberg died 5. July 1719. (born 1641)

Portuguese historian and philologist Francisco José Freire died 5. July 1773. (born 1719)

English admiral and politician William Cornwallis died 5. July 1819. (born 1744)

English politician, founded Singapore Stamford Raffles died 5. July 1826. (born 1782)

French inventor, created the first known photograph Nicéphore Niépce died 5. July 1833. (born 1765)

French physicist and engineer Charles Cagniard de la Tour died 5. July 1859. (born 1777)

German geologist and paleontologist Heinrich Georg Bronn died 5. July 1862. (born 1800)

American general Lewis Armistead died 5. July 1863. (born 1817)

French composer Victor Massé died 5. July 1884. (born 1822)

Norwegian author Jonas Lie died 5. July 1908. (born 1833)

German painter and sculptor Max Klinger died 5. July 1920. (born 1857)

German physician, Nobel Prize laureate Albrecht Kossel died 5. July 1927. (born 1853)

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