Find out who all is died in 5. century

French archbishop Honoratus died 6. January 429. (born 350)

Italian saint Severinus of Noricum died 8. January 482. (born 410)

Byzantine emperor Leo I the Thracian died 18. January 474. (born 401)

Italian bishop Epiphanius of Pavia died 21. January 496. (born 438)

Vandals king Genseric died 25. January 477. (born 389)

Byzantine emperor Marcian died 27. January 457. (born 392)

Armenian monk, theologian, and linguist Mesrop Mashtots died 17. February 440. (born 360)

Greek bishop and saint Porphyry of Gaza died 26. February 420. (born 347)

French bishop Saint Landry died 4. March 480.

Roman usurper Heraclianus died 7. March 413.

Neoplatonist philosopher and astronomer Hypatia of Alexandria died 8. March 415.

Roman servant Heraclius died 16. March 455.

Roman emperor Valentinian III died 16. March 455. (born 419)

Irish missionary and bishop Saint Patrick died 17. March 460. (born 387)

Chinese general Tan Daoji died 9. April 436.

Byzantine emperor Zeno died 9. April 491. (born 425)

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