See all who died on 5. July

American sergeant Henry Lincoln Johnson died 5. July 1929. (born 1897)

Russian poet and author Sasha Chorny died 5. July 1932. (born 1880)

Swiss captain and sailor Bernard de Pourtalès died 5. July 1935. (born 1870)

American golfer Daniel Sawyer died 5. July 1937. (born 1884)

Australian politician, 14th Prime Minister of Australia John Curtin died 5. July 1945. (born 1885)

French soldier and author Georges Bernanos died 5. July 1948. (born 1888)

American actress and singer Carole Landis died 5. July 1948. (born 1919)

Indian lawyer and politician, 1st Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar anugrah Narayan Sinha died 5. July 1957. (born 1887)

American inventor Charles Sherwood Noble died 5. July 1957. (born 1873)

Dominican diplomat Porfirio Rubirosa died 5. July 1965. (born 1909)

Hungarian chemist, Nobel Prize laureate George de Hevesy died 5. July 1966. (born 1885)

German pianist Wilhelm Backhaus died 5. July 1969. (born 1884)

German architect, designed the John F. Kennedy Federal Building and Werkbund Exhibition Walter Gropius died 5. July 1969. (born 1883)

Kenyan politician, 1st Minister of Justice for Kenya Tom Mboya died 5. July 1969. (born 1930)

American director, producer, and screenwriter Leo McCarey died 5. July 1969. (born 1898)

Italian soprano Gilda Dalla Rizza died 5. July 1975. (born 1892)

American trumpet player and actor Harry James died 5. July 1983. (born 1916)

American poet Howard Nemerov died 5. July 1991. (born 1920)

Estonian actor Jüri Järvet died 5. July 1995. (born 1919)

American singer Mrs. Elva Miller died 5. July 1997. (born 1907)

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