Find out what all happened in the 12. century

Reconquista: Alfonso the Battler conquers Zaragoza. (6. January 1118)

Jin–Song wars: Invading Jurchen soldiers from the Jin Dynasty besiege and sack Bianjing (Kaifeng), the capital of the Song Dynasty of China, and abduct Emperor Qinzong and others, ending the Northern Song Dynasty. (9. January 1127)

Prince Hailing of Jin and other court officials murder Emperor Xizong of Jin. Hailing succeeds him as emperor. (9. January 1150)

Vladislav II becomes King of Bohemia. (11. January 1158)

The Council of Nablus is held, establishing the earliest surviving written laws of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem. (16. January 1120)

Emperor Huizong abdicates the Chinese throne in favour of his son Emperor Qinzong. (18. January 1126)

Song Dynasty General Yue Fei is executed. (27. January 1142)

Henry VI, the son and heir of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I, marries Constance of Sicily. (27. January 1186)

The Battle of Lincoln, at which King Stephen was defeated and captured by the allies of Empress Matilda, presenting her with the unfulfilled opportunity to become the first queen of medieval England. (2. February 1141)

Ramon Berenguer III of Barcelona and Douce I of Provence marry, uniting the fortunes of those two states. (3. February 1112)

A strong earthquake struck the Ionian coast of Sicily, causing tens of thousands of injuries and deaths, especially in Catania. (4. February 1169)

John de Courcy's army defeats the native Dunleavey Clan in Ulster. The English establish themselves in Ulster. (11. February 1177)

Pope Paschal II issues a bill sanctioning the establishment of the Order of Hospitallers. (15. February 1113)

Dirk VI becomes the Count of Holland. (2. March 1121)

Assassination of Charles the Good, Count of Flanders. (2. March 1127)

Frederick I Barbarossa is elected King of the Germans. (4. March 1152)

Following the death of his mother Urraca, Alfonso VII is proclaimed king of Castile and León. (8. March 1126)

Cardinal Gregorio Conti is elected Antipope as Victor IV, succeeding Anacletus II. (13. March 1138)

Massacre of Jews at Clifford's Tower, York. (16. March 1190)

Annulment of the marriage of King Louis VII of France and Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. (21. March 1152)

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