See all who died on 7. June

Canadian politician, 10th Premier of Quebec Edmund James Flynn died 7. June 1927. (born 1847)

German actor and director Viktor Schwanneke died 7. June 1931. (born 1880)

Croatian poet Dragutin Domjanić died 7. June 1933. (born 1875)

Croatian explorer Stjepan Seljan died 7. June 1936. (born 1875)

American actress and singer Jean Harlow died 7. June 1937. (born 1911)

English engineer Alan Blumlein died 7. June 1942. (born 1903)

Japanese philosopher Kitaro Nishida died 7. June 1945. (born 1870)

English mathematician, cryptanalyst, and computer scientist Alan Turing died 7. June 1954. (born 1912)

American actress and singer ZaSu Pitts died 7. June 1963. (born 1894)

American actress and singer Judy Holliday died 7. June 1965. (born 1921)

German-French sculptor, painter, and poet Jean Arp died 7. June 1966. (born 1886)

Russian mathematician Anatoly Maltsev died 7. June 1967. (born 1909)

American author, poet, and critic Dorothy Parker died 7. June 1967. (born 1893)

American actor Dan Duryea died 7. June 1968. (born 1907)

English author E. M. Forster died 7. June 1970. (born 1879)

English chemist, Nobel Prize laureate Ronald George Wreyford Norrish died 7. June 1978. (born 1897)

American Ku Klux Klan leader and author Asa Earl Carter died 7. June 1979. (born 1925)

Scottish journalist and economist Elizabeth Craig died 7. June 1980. (born 1883)

American author Henry Miller died 7. June 1980. (born 1891)

German SS officer Martin Sommer died 7. June 1988. (born 1915)

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