See all who died on 7. June

Scottish husband of Isabella of Mar Robert the Bruce died 7. June 1329. (born 1274)

Japanese shogun Ashikaga Takauji died 7. June 1358. (born 1305)

3rd Baron De La Warr, English politician Thomas West died 7. June 1618. (born 1577)

Irish scholar and theologian Henry Dodwell died 7. June 1711. (born 1641)

English bishop William Warburton died 7. June 1779. (born 1698)

Italian engraver Luigi Schiavonetti died 7. June 1810. (born 1765)

Romanian rebel leader Tudor Vladimirescu died 7. June 1821. (born 1780)

German optician Joseph von Fraunhofer died 7. June 1826. (born 1787)

Canadian missionary and bishop Norbert Provencher died 7. June 1853. (born 1787)

French admiral Charles Baudin died 7. June 1854. (born 1792)

English painter David Cox died 7. June 1859. (born 1783)

American tribal chief Chief Seattle died 7. June 1866. (born 1780)

English dermatologist William Tilbury Fox died 7. June 1879. (born 1836)

Greek composer Pavlos Carrer died 7. June 1896. (born 1829)

French politician, Prime Minister of France Maurice Rouvier died 7. June 1911. (born 1842)

American banker and politician, founded the First Hawaiian Bank Charles Reed Bishop died 7. June 1915. (born 1822)

French author and critic Émile Faguet died 7. June 1916. (born 1847)

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