Find out who all is died in 18. century

English playwright William Wycherley died 1. January 1716. (born 1640)

Swiss mathematician Johann Bernoulli died 1. January 1748. (born 1667)

Marquis de La Chétardie, French diplomat Jacques-Joachim Trotti died 1. January 1759. (born 1705)

English son of James II of England James Francis Edward Stuart died 1. January 1766. (born 1688)

German composer Johann Christian Bach died 1. January 1782. (born 1735)

1st Baron Grantley, English politician Fletcher Norton died 1. January 1789. (born 1716)

Venetian painter Francesco Guardi died 1. January 1793. (born 1712)

French mathematician Alexandre-Théophile Vandermonde died 1. January 1796. (born 1735)

French naturalist Louis-Jean-Marie Daubenton died 1. January 1800. (born 1716)

Italian composer Domenico Zipoli died 2. January 1726. (born 1688)

Prince of Monaco Louis I died 3. January 1701. (born 1642)

Italian painter Luca Giordano died 3. January 1705. (born 1634)

Italian architect and designer Ferdinando Galli-Bibiena died 3. January 1743. (born 1657)

French surgeon Claude Bourgelat died 3. January 1779. (born 1712)

Italian composer Baldassare Galuppi died 3. January 1785. (born 1706)

English potter, founder of the Wedgwood Company Josiah Wedgwood died 3. January 1795. (born 1730)

Swiss mathematician Gabriel Cramer died 4. January 1752. (born 1704)

English clergyman and physiologist Stephen Hales died 4. January 1761. (born 1677)

Russian painter Anton Losenko died 4. January 1773. (born 1737)

French architect, designed École Militaire Ange-Jacques Gabriel died 4. January 1782. (born 1698)

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