See all who died on 3. June

Chinese rebel leader Liang Shidu died 3. June 628.

Byzantine chief minister Staurakios died 3. June 800.

2nd Earl of Salisbury, English commander William de Montacute died 3. June 1397. (born 1328)

Duke of Austria Leopold IV died 3. June 1411. (born 1371)

Spanish-Mexican bishop Juan de Zumárraga died 3. June 1548. (born 1468)

English bishop and scholar John Aylmer died 3. June 1594. (born 1521)

Japanese samurai Sanada Yukimura died 3. June 1615. (born 1567)

2nd Earl of Suffolk, English politician Theophilus Howard died 3. June 1640. (born 1584)

English physician William Harvey died 3. June 1657. (born 1578)

Portuguese historian and poet Manuel de Faria e Sousa died 3. June 1649. (born 1590)

Welsh preacher and poet Morgan Llwyd died 3. June 1659. (born 1619)

American businessman and politician, Governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay Thomas Hutchinson died 3. June 1780. (born 1711)

Russian historian and poet Nikolay Karamzin died 3. June 1826. (born 1766)

German pianist and composer Julius Reubke died 3. June 1858. (born 1834)

American politician Stephen A. Douglas died 3. June 1861. (born 1813)

Japanese samurai Okada Izō died 3. June 1865. (born 1838)

French composer Georges Bizet died 3. June 1875. (born 1838)

Austrian botanist, composer, and publisher Ludwig Ritter von Köchel died 3. June 1877. (born 1800)

German painter Christian Wilberg died 3. June 1882. (born 1839)

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