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Chinese usurper Sima Lun died 5. June 301. (born 249)

English missionary, bishop, and martyr Saint Boniface died 5. June 754.

1st Earl of Leicester Robert de Beaumont died 5. June 1118. (born 1049)

English son of Henry III of England Edmund Crouchback died 5. June 1296. (born 1245)

Count of Egmont Lamoral died 5. June 1568. (born 1522)

English organist and composer Orlando Gibbons died 5. June 1625. (born 1583)

Italian cardinal and historian Pietro Sforza Pallavicino died 5. June 1667. (born 1607)

Greek adventurer Constantine Phaulkon died 5. June 1688. (born 1667)

English mathematician Roger Cotes died 5. June 1716. (born 1682)

German organist and composer Johann Kuhnau died 5. June 1722. (born 1660)

French pastor Isaac de Beausobre died 5. June 1738. (born 1659)

Swiss-Canadian general and politician, 22nd Governor of Quebec Frederick Haldimand died 5. June 1791. (born 1718)

Italian composer Giovanni Paisiello died 5. June 1816. (born 1741)

Burmese king Bodawpaya died 5. June 1819. (born 1745)

Greek soldier Odysseas Androutsos died 5. June 1825. (born 1788)

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