Find out who all were born in the 18. century

English author Soame Jenyns was born 1. January 1704. (died 1787)

German-Dutch organ builder Johann Heinrich Hartmann Bätz was born 1. January 1709. (died 1770)

Austrian soldier Baron Franz von der Trenck was born 1. January 1711. (died 1749)

Lithuanian poet Kristijonas Donelaitis was born 1. January 1714. (died 1780)

Italian soprano and author Giovanni Battista Mancini was born 1. January 1714. (died 1800)

American military officer Paul Revere was born 1. January 1735. (died 1818)

American general and politician Anthony Wayne was born 1. January 1745. (died 1796)

American minister and politician Frederick Muhlenberg was born 1. January 1750. (died 1801)

American seamstress, designed the Flag of the United States Betsy Ross was born 1. January 1752. (died 1836)

English-Irish author Maria Edgeworth was born 1. January 1768. (died 1849)

French zoologist André Marie Constant Duméril was born 1. January 1774. (died 1860)

English printer William Clowes was born 1. January 1779. (died 1847)

French actress Marie Dumesnil was born 2. January 1713. (died 1803)

French shipbuilder Jacques-Alexandre Laffon de Ladebat was born 2. January 1719. (died 1797)

English general James Wolfe was born 2. January 1727. (died 1759)

Czech composer František Brixi was born 2. January 1732. (died 1771)

German sculptor Christian Daniel Rauch was born 2. January 1777. (died 1857)

Greek banker, benefactor and revolutionary Georgios Stavros was born 2. January 1788. (died 1869)

American soldier Richard Gridley was born 3. January 1710. (died 1796)

Portuguese historian Francisco José Freire was born 3. January 1719. (died 1773)

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