Find out who all were born in the 13. century

1st Earl of Cornwall, German king Richard was born 5. January 1209. (died 1272)

English son of Henry III of England Edmund Crouchback was born 16. January 1245. (died 1296)

Turkish scholar and theologian Ibn Taymiyyah was born 22. January 1263. (died 1328)

English bishop Richard de Bury was born 24. January 1287. (died 1345)

English bishop Walter de Stapledon was born 1. February 1261. (died 1326)

Japanese shogun Kuj┼Ź Yoritsune was born 12. February 1218. (died 1256)

Japanese monk Nichiren was born 16. February 1222. (died 1282)

Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses II was born 22. February 1300. (died 1213BC)

Queen of Norway Margaret of Scotland was born 28. February 1261. (died 1283)

Duke of Brittany John III was born 8. March 1286. (died 1341)

Duke of Burgundy Hugh IV was born 9. March 1213. (died 1271)

Count of Valois Charles was born 12. March 1270. (died 1325)

Duchess of Brabant Margaret of England was born 15. March 1275. (died 1333)

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