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Russian author, playwright, and journalist Nikolai Leskov died 5. March 1895. (born 1831)

1st Baronet, English general and scholar Sir Henry Rawlinson died 5. March 1895. (born 1810)

English soldier and author George Francis Robert Henderson died 5. March 1903. (born 1854)

English colonel John Lowther du Plat Taylor died 5. March 1904. (born 1829)

German scholar Friedrich Blass died 5. March 1907. (born 1843)

Danish mathematician and engineer Johan Jensen died 5. March 1925. (born 1859)

French engineer, designed the Ader Avion III Clément Ader died 5. March 1926. (born 1841)

German mathematician Franz Mertens died 5. March 1927. (born 1840)

Scottish-American businessman, founded Buick David Dunbar Buick died 5. March 1929. (born 1854)

English priest Arthur Tooth died 5. March 1931. (born 1839)

Spanish priest and engineer Roque Ruaño died 5. March 1935. (born 1877)

Chinese educator Cai Yuanpei died 5. March 1940. (born 1868)

French poet and author Max Jacob died 5. March 1944. (born 1876)

American murderer Lena Baker died 5. March 1945. (born 1901)

Italian pianist, composer, and conductor Alfredo Casella died 5. March 1947. (born 1883)

Ukrainian general Roman Shukhevych died 5. March 1950. (born 1907)

Author, and playwright Edgar Lee Masters American poet died 5. March 1950. (born 1868)

American screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz died 5. March 1953. (born 1897)

Russian pianist, composer, and conductor Sergei Prokofiev died 5. March 1953. (born 1891)

Soviet marshal and politician, 3rd leader of the Soviet Union Joseph Stalin died 5. March 1953. (born 1878)

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