Find out who all were born in the 16. century

Duke of Cornwall Henry was born 1. January 1511. (died 1511)

Swedish wife of Gustav I of Sweden Margaret Leijonhufvud was born 1. January 1516. (died 1551)

Romanian prince Stephen Bocskay was born 1. January 1557. (died 1606)

Dutch theologian Friedrich Spanheim was born 1. January 1600. (died 1649)

Irish archbishop James Ussher was born 4. January 1581. (died 1656)

Spanish theologian Francisco Suárez was born 5. January 1548. (died 1617)

Chinese geographer Xu Xiake was born 5. January 1587. (died 1641)

Mughal emperor Shah Jahan was born 5. January 1592. (died 1666)

German physician and scholar Caspar Peucer was born 6. January 1525. (died 1602)

Danish mathematician and physicist Thomas Fincke was born 6. January 1561. (died 1656)

Count-Duke of Olivares Gaspar de Guzmán was born 6. January 1587. (died 1645)

French grammarian and courtier Claude Favre de Vaugelas was born 6. January 1595. (died 1650)

Japanese daimyo Uesugi Kagekatsu was born 8. January 1556. (died 1623)

Dutch theologian Simon Episcopius was born 8. January 1583. (died 1643)

German astronomer Johannes Fabricius was born 8. January 1587. (died 1616)

Croatian poet Ivan Gundulić was born 8. January 1589. (died 1638)

Count of Bucquoy, French commander Charles Bonaventure de Longueval was born 9. January 1571. (died 1621)

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