See all who died on 6. July

American captain and politician, 4th United States Secretary of State John Marshall died 6. July 1835. (born 1755)

German physicist and mathematician Georg Ohm died 6. July 1854. (born 1789)

German businessman and politician (d. 1811) Ernst Merck died 6. July 1863. (born 1811)

Japanese captain Harada Sanosuke died 6. July 1868. (born 1840)

French author Guy de Maupassant died 6. July 1893. (born 1850)

Prince of Hohenlohe-Schillingsf├╝rst Chlodwig died 6. July 1901. (born 1819)

Italian martyr and saint Maria Goretti died 6. July 1902. (born 1890)

Kazakh poet and philosopher Abai Qunanbaiuli died 6. July 1904. (born 1845)

German linguist and theologian August Johann Gottfried Bielenstein died 6. July 1907. (born 1826)

French painter Odilon Redon died 6. July 1916. (born 1840)

Polish-Austrian nun and missionary Maria Teresia Led├│chowska died 6. July 1922. (born 1863)

American soccer player Cormic Cosgrove died 6. July 1930. (born 1869)

Scottish author Kenneth Grahame died 6. July 1932. (born 1859)

Ukrainian commander Nestor Makhno died 6. July 1934. (born 1888)

Canadian lawyer and politician, 14th Premier of Quebec Louis-Alexandre Taschereau died 6. July 1952. (born 1867)

German actress Gertrud Wolle died 6. July 1952. (born 1891)

German painter George Grosz died 6. July 1959. (born 1893)

Welsh politician Aneurin Bevan died 6. July 1960. (born 1897)

American bassist Scott LaFaro died 6. July 1961. (born 1936)

American lawyer and politician, Mayor of Dallas Woodall Rodgers died 6. July 1961. (born 1890)

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