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Titus and his Roman legions breach the middle wall of Jerusalem in the Siege of Jerusalem. (5. June 70)

Kraków, in Poland, receives city rights. (5. June 1257)

Battle of the Gulf of Naples: Roger of Lauria, admiral to King Peter III of Aragon, captures Charles of Salermo. (5. June 1283)

The Battle of New Ross: The attempt to spread the United Irish Rebellion into Munster is defeated. (5. June 1798)

The first Great Lakes steamer, the Frontenac, is launched. (5. June 1817)

HMS Pickle captures the armed slave ship Voladora off the coast of Cuba. (5. June 1829)

The June Rebellion breaks out in Paris in an attempt to overthrow the monarchy of Louis Philippe. (5. June 1832)

Houston is incorporated by the Republic of Texas. (5. June 1837)

Denmark becomes a constitutional monarchy by the signing of a new constitution. (5. June 1849)

Harriet Beecher Stowe's anti-slavery serial, Uncle Tom's Cabin, or Life Among the Lowly, starts a ten-month run in the National Era abolitionist newspaper. (5. June 1851)

As the Treaty of Saigon is signed, ceding parts of southern Vietnam to France, the guerrilla leader Trương Định decides to defy Emperor Tự Đức of Vietnam and fight on against the Europeans. (5. June 1862)

American Civil War: Battle of Piedmont: Union forces under General David Hunter defeat a Confederate army at Piedmont, Virginia, taking nearly 1,000 prisoners. (5. June 1864)

The first regularly scheduled Orient Express departs Paris. (5. June 1883)

The Rio de la Plata Earthquake takes place. (5. June 1888)

Second Boer War: British soldiers take Pretoria. (5. June 1900)

Denmark amends its constitution to allow women's suffrage. (5. June 1915)

Louis Brandeis is sworn in as a Justice of the United States Supreme Court; he is the first American Jew to hold such a position. (5. June 1916)

World War I: Conscription begins in the United States as "Army registration day". (5. June 1917)

The U.S. Congress abrogates the United States' use of the gold standard by enacting a joint resolution (48 Stat. 112) nullifying the right of creditors to demand payment in gold. (5. June 1933)

World War II: After a brief lull in the Battle of France, the Germans renew the offensive against the remaining French divisions south of the River Somme in Operation Fall Rot ("Case Red"). (5. June 1940)

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