Find out who all is died in 15. century

Elector of Saxony Frederick I died 4. January 1428. (born 1370)

Duke of Orléans Charles died 5. January 1465. (born 1394)

French son of Isabella of Portugal, Duchess of Burgundy Charles the Bold died 5. January 1477. (born 1433)

Mongolian ruler Ahmed Khan bin Küchük died 6. January 1481.

Italian bishop and saint Lawrence Giustiniani died 8. January 1456. (born 1381)

Austrian historian and academic Thomas Ebendorfer died 8. January 1464. (born 1385)

Elector of Brandenburg John Cicero died 9. January 1499. (born 1455)

Italian painter Domenico Ghirlandaio died 11. January 1494. (born 1449)

Spanish cardinal Pedro González de Mendoza died 11. January 1495. (born 1428)

Albanian politician Skanderbeg died 17. January 1468. (born 1405)

5th Earl of March, English politician Edmund Mortimer died 18. January 1425. (born 1391)

German organist and composer Conrad Paumann died 24. January 1473. (born 1410)

Duke of Lorraine Charles II died 25. January 1431. (born 1364)

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