See all who died on 24. March

Abbasid caliph Harun al-Rashid died 24. March 809. (born 763)

Swedish saint Catherine of Vadstena died 24. March 1381. (born 1332)

English mystic Walter Hilton died 24. March 1396. (born 1340)

Dutch wife of William the Silent Anna van Egmont died 24. March 1558. (born 1533)

Japanese daimyo Hosokawa Harumoto died 24. March 1563. (born 1514)

Spanish-Portuguese rabbi Joseph ben Ephraim Karo died 24. March 1575. (born 1488)

German organist and composer Samuel Scheidt died 24. March 1653. (born 1587)

4th Earl of Chesterfield, English politician Philip Stanhope died 24. March 1773. (born 1694)

English carpenter and clockmaker, invented the Marine chronometer John Harrison died 24. March 1776. (born 1693)

French-Russian general Antoine-Henri Jomini died 24. March 1869. (born 1779)

French geologist and mineralogist Achille Ernest Oscar Joseph Delesse died 24. March 1881. (born 1817)

American poet and educator Henry Wadsworth Longfellow died 24. March 1882. (born 1807)

Russian painter and critic Ivan Kramskoi died 24. March 1887. (born 1837)

Russian author Vsevolod Garshin died 24. March 1888. (born 1855)

French author Jules Verne died 24. March 1905. (born 1828)

Irish playwright John Millington Synge died 24. March 1909. (born 1871)

Polish chemist, mathematician, and physicist Karol Olszewski died 24. March 1915. (born 1846)

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