See all who died on 12. May

Byzantine emperor Thomas Palaiologos died 12. May 1465. (born 1409)

English poet and playwright George Chapman died 12. May 1634. (born 1559)

1st Earl of Strafford, English politician Thomas Wentworth died 12. May 1641. (born 1593)

French physicist and priest Edme Mariotte died 12. May 1684. (born 1620)

Flemish painter Lucas Achtschellinck died 12. May 1699. (born 1626)

English poet, playwright, and critic John Dryden died 12. May 1700. (born 1631)

Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz Adolphus Frederick II died 12. May 1708. (born 1658)

English astronomer Thomas Lowndes died 12. May 1748. (born 1692)

French sculptor Lambert-Sigisbert Adam died 12. May 1759. (born 1700)

Swiss zoologist Abraham Trembley died 12. May 1784. (born 1710)

French playwright Charles Simon Favart died 12. May 1792. (born 1710)

German poet Johann Uz died 12. May 1796. (born 1720)

Russian general and politician Nicholas Repnin died 12. May 1801. (born 1734)

Belarusian-Polish painter Walenty Wańkowicz died 12. May 1842. (born 1799)

Hungarian poet János Batsányi died 12. May 1845. (born 1763)

French mathematician, physicist, and astronomer Jacques Philippe Marie Binet died 12. May 1856. (born 1786)

Russian author Sergey Aksakov died 12. May 1859. (born 1791)

English architect, designed Upper Brook Street Chapel and Halifax Town Hall Charles Barry died 12. May 1860. (born 1795)

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