Find out who all is died in 7. century

King of Caucasian Albania Javanshir died 1. January 680. (born 616)

Patriarch of Alexandria Benjamin died 3. January 661.

Arabian general `Amr ibn al-`As died 6. January 664. (born 583)

Japanese emperor Tenji died 7. January 672. (born 626)

English saint, founded the Monkwearmouth-Jarrow Abbey Benedict Biscop died 12. January 690. (born 628)

Scottish bishop and saint Saint Mungo died 13. January 614.

Chinese politician, Chancellor of the Tang Dynasty Gao Jifu died 16. January 654. (born 596)

Frankish king Dagobert I died 19. January 639. (born 603)

Saudi Arabian caliph Ali died 27. January 661. (born 607)

Frankish queen Balthild died 30. January 680. (born 626)

Irish bishop Máedóc died 31. January 632. (born 550)

English archbishop Laurence of Canterbury died 2. February 619.

Archbishop of Canterbury Laurence died 3. February 619.

English saint Werburgh died 3. February 699.

Byzantine emperor Heraclius died 11. February 641. (born 575)

Anglo-Saxon king Oswiu of Northumbria died 15. February 670.

Irish monk and bishop Finan died 17. February 661.

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