Dakota Goyo, Canadian actor (Canadian actor, 22.8.1999.)

Shannon Flynn, English actress (English actress, 22.8.1996.)

Olli Maatta, Finnish ice hockey player (Finnish ice hockey player, 22.8.1994.)

Brayden Schenn, Canadian ice hockey player (Canadian ice hockey player, 22.8.1991.)

Federico Macheda, Italian footballer (Italian footballer, 22.8.1991.)

Randall Cobb, American football player (American football player, 22.8.1990.)

Syque Caesar, Bangladeshi gymnast (Bangladeshi gymnast, 22.8.1990.)

Chariz Solomon, Filipino actress (Filipino actress, 22.8.1989.)

Georgina Moffat, English-Australian actress (English-Australian actress, 22.8.1989.)

Sarah Major, New Zealand actress (New Zealand actress, 22.8.1988.)


Peter Waieng, Papua New Guinea politician (b. 1966) (Papua New Guinea politician , 22.8.2013.)

Andrea Servi, Italian footballer (b. 1984) (Italian footballer , 22.8.2013.)

Paul Poberezny, American pilot and businessman, founded the Experimental Aircraft Association (b. 1921) (American pilot and businessman, founded the Experimental Aircraft Association , 22.8.2013.)

Jetty Paerl, Dutch singer (b. 1921) (Dutch singer , 22.8.2013.)

Ronald Motley, American lawyer (b. 1944) (American lawyer , 22.8.2013.)

William McIlroy, English journalist and activist (b. 1928) (English journalist and activist , 22.8.2013.)

Petr Kment, Czech wrestler (b. 1942) (Czech wrestler , 22.8.2013.)

Keiko Fuji, Japanese singer and actress (b. 1951) (Japanese singer and actress , 22.8.2013.)

András József Szennay, Hungarian clergyman (b. 1921) (Hungarian clergyman , 22.8.2012.)

Jeffrey Stone, American actor (b. 1926) (American actor , 22.8.2012.)


Ethnic clashes over grazing rights for cattle in Kenya's Tana River District result in more than 52 deaths. (22.8.2012.)

The Storm botnet, a botnet created by the Storm Worm, sends out a record 57 million e-mails in one day (22.8.2007.)

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