Benjamin Flores, Jr., American child rapper (Jr., American child rapper, 23.7.2002.)

Rachel G. Fox, American actress (American actress, 23.7.1996.)

Danny Ings, English footballer (English footballer, 23.7.1992.)

Lauren Mitchell, Australian gymnast (Australian gymnast, 23.7.1991.)

Bibi Jones, American porn actress (American porn actress, 23.7.1991.)

Kevin Reynolds, Canadian figure skater (Canadian figure skater, 23.7.1990.)

Ryan Castro, American actor (American actor, 23.7.1990.)

Donald Young, American tennis player (American tennis player, 23.7.1989.)

Daniel Radcliffe, English actor and singer (English actor and singer, 23.7.1989.)

Eliška Bučková, Czech model, Czech Miss 2008 (Czech model, Czech Miss 2008, 23.7.1989.)


Manjula Vijayakumar, Indian actress (b. 1953) (Indian actress , 23.7.2013.)

Djalma Santos, Brazilian footballer (b. 1929) (Brazilian footballer , 23.7.2013.)

Mike Morwood, Australian archaeologist (b. 1950) (Australian archaeologist , 23.7.2013.)

Red McManus, American basketball player and coach (b. 1925) (American basketball player and coach , 23.7.2013.)

Kim Jong-hak, South Korean director and producer (b. 1951) (South Korean director and producer , 23.7.2013.)

Jokichi Ikarashi, Japanese super-centenarian (b. 1902) (Japanese super-centenarian , 23.7.2013.)

Emile Griffith, Virgin Islander boxer (b. 1938) (Virgin Islander boxer , 23.7.2013.)

Arthur J. Collingsworth, American diplomat (b. 1944) (American diplomat , 23.7.2013.)

Pauline Clarke, English author (b. 1921) (English author , 23.7.2013.)

Rona Anderson, Scottish-English actress (b. 1926) (Scottish-English actress , 23.7.2013.)


At least 107 people are killed and more than 250 others wounded in a string of bombings and attacks in Iraq. (23.7.2012.)

Three bombs explode in the Naama Bay area of Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, killing 88 people. (23.7.2005.)

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