Maru, Japanese cat (Japanese cat, 24.5.2007.)

Prince Joseph Wenzel of Liechtenstein (, 24.5.1995.)

Daiya Seto, Japanese swimmer (Japanese swimmer, 24.5.1994.)

Cayden Boyd, American actor (American actor, 24.5.1994.)

Oliver Davis, American actor (American actor, 24.5.1993.)

Ryan Leonard, English footballer (English footballer, 24.5.1992.)

Rachel Victoria, Canadian actress (Canadian actress, 24.5.1992.)

Travis T. Flory, American actor (American actor, 24.5.1992.)

Erika Umeda, Japanese singer (Cute and ZYX) (Japanese singer (Cute and ZYX), 24.5.1991.)

Aled Davies, Welsh discus thrower (Welsh discus thrower, 24.5.1991.)


Pyotr Todorovsky, Ukrainian-Russian director and screenwriter (b. 1925) (Ukrainian-Russian director and screenwriter , 24.5.2013.)

John Sumner, English-Australian director, founded the Melbourne Theatre Company (b. 1924) (English-Australian director, founded the Melbourne Theatre Company , 24.5.2013.)

Ed Shaughnessy, American drummer (b. 1929) (American drummer , 24.5.2013.)

Antonio Puchades, Spanish footballer (b. 1925) (Spanish footballer , 24.5.2013.)

John "Mule" Miles, American baseball player (b. 1922) (American baseball player , 24.5.2013.)

Yevgeny Kychanov, Russian orientalist (b. 1932) (Russian orientalist , 24.5.2013.)

Haynes Johnson, American journalist and author (b. 1931) (American journalist and author , 24.5.2013.)

Gotthard Graubner, German painter (b. 1930) (German painter , 24.5.2013.)

Ron Davies, Welsh footballer (b. 1942) (Welsh footballer , 24.5.2013.)

Michel Crozier, French sociologist (b. 1922) (French sociologist , 24.5.2013.)


Russia and the United States sign the Moscow Treaty. (24.5.2002.)

The Versailles wedding hall disaster in Jerusalem, Israel kills 23 and injures over 200. (24.5.2001.)

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