See all who died on 19. June

Japanese son of Soga no Iname Soga no Umako died 19. June 626. (born 551)

Italian saint Romuald died 19. June 1027. (born 951)

English wife of Llywelyn the Last Eleanor de Montfort died 19. June 1282. (born 1252)

1st Earl of Cornwall, English politician Piers Gaveston died 19. June 1312. (born 1284)

Swiss reformer Leo Jud died 19. June 1542. (born 1482)

Lithuanian jurist Abraomas Kulvietis died 19. June 1545. (born 1509)

Duke of Anjou Francis died 19. June 1584. (born 1555)

Italian jurist Alberico Gentili died 19. June 1608. (born 1551)

Swiss-German engraver and publisher Matthäus Merian died 19. June 1650. (born 1593)

Italian composer Alessandro Marcello died 19. June 1747. (born 1669)

German organist and composer Johann Ernst Eberlin died 19. June 1762. (born 1702)

Sr., American politician, 10th Colonial Governor of Maryland Benjamin Tasker died 19. June 1768. (born 1690)

American general Nathanael Greene died 19. June 1786. (born 1742)

French painter Louis-Jean-François Lagrenée died 19. June 1805. (born 1724)

English botanist Joseph Banks died 19. June 1820. (born 1743)

French biologist Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire died 19. June 1844. (born 1772)

Greek businessman and philanthropist Evangelos Zappas died 19. June 1865. (born 1800)

Argentinian politician Juan Bautista Alberdi died 19. June 1884. (born 1810)

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