See all who died on 16. November

English archbishop Edmund Rich died 16. November 1240. (born 1175)

Japanese shogun Prince Hisaaki died 16. November 1328. (born 1276)

Italian author and educator Trajano Boccalini died 16. November 1613. (born 1556)

Italian composer Paolo Quagliati died 16. November 1628. (born 1555)

Swedish-Estonian scholar and author Bengt Gottfried Forselius died 16. November 1688. (born 1660)

French philosopher and author Pierre Nicole died 16. November 1695. (born 1625)

English criminal Jack Sheppard died 16. November 1724. (born 1702)

2nd Duke of Ormonde, Irish general and politician, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland James Butler died 16. November 1745. (born 1665)

English journalist and author John Hawkesworth died 16. November 1773. (born 1715)

Finnish botanist and explorer Pehr Kalm died 16. November 1779. (born 1716)

American politician Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer died 16. November 1790. (born 1723)

French botanist and explorer André Michaux died 16. November 1802. (born 1746)

American general, lawyer and politician, founded Cleveland, Ohio Moses Cleaveland died 16. November 1806. (born 1754)

South African-French mycologist and academic Christiaan Hendrik Persoon died 16. November 1836. (born 1761)

Czech-Austrian physician František Chvostek died 16. November 1884. (born 1835)

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