See all who died on 16. June

Count of Eu Philip of Artois died 16. June 1397. (born 1358)

Burgundian chronicler Jean Le Fevre de Saint-Remy died 16. June 1468. (born 1395)

1st Earl of Dunfermline, Scottish lawyer, judge, and politician, Lord Chancellor of Scotland Alexander Seton died 16. June 1622. (born 1555)

1st Baronet, English poet and diplomat Sir Richard Fanshawe died 16. June 1666. (born 1608)

Russian rebel leader Stenka Razin died 16. June 1671. (born 1630)

French wife of Henri II, Duke of Nemours Marie de Nemours died 16. June 1707. (born 1625)

1st Duke of Marlborough, English general and politician John Churchill died 16. June 1722. (born 1650)

Italian salt trader Johann Baptista Ruffini died 16. June 1749. (born 1672)

English bishop and philosopher Joseph Butler died 16. June 1752. (born 1692)

French poet and playwright Jean-Baptiste-Louis Gresset died 16. June 1777. (born 1709)

German actor Konrad Ekhof died 16. June 1778. (born 1720)

1st Baronet, English politician Sir Francis Bernard died 16. June 1779. (born 1712)

American general Benjamin Tupper died 16. June 1792. (born 1738)

German composer and conductor Johann Adam Hiller died 16. June 1804. (born 1728)

Duc de Plaisance, French politician Charles-François Lebrun died 16. June 1824. (born 1739)

German theologian and scholar Wilhelm Martin Leberecht de Wette died 16. June 1849. (born 1780)

English-Australian explorer William Lawson died 16. June 1850. (born 1774)

English physician John Snow died 16. June 1858. (born 1813)

Japanese sumo wrestler, the 9th Yokozuna Hidenoyama Raigorō died 16. June 1862. (born 1808)

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