See all who died on 15. June

Byzantine wife of Otto II, Holy Roman Emperor Theophanu died 15. June 991. (born 960)

Japanese general Minamoto no Yoshitsune died 15. June 1189. (born 1159)

Duke of Austria Frederick II died 15. June 1246. (born 1219)

Byzantine emperor Andronikos III Palaiologos died 15. June 1341. (born 1297)

English judge John Cavendish died 15. June 1381. (born 1346)

English leader of the Peasants` Revolt Wat Tyler died 15. June 1381. (born 1341)

Byzantine emperor John VI Kantakouzenos died 15. June 1383. (born 1292)

Ottoman sultan Murad I died 15. June 1389. (born 1326)

Duke of Berry John died 15. June 1416. (born 1340)

French son of Margaret of Bavaria Philip the Good died 15. June 1467. (born 1396)

Hungarian cardinal Tamás Bakócz died 15. June 1521. (born 1442)

English jester William Sommers died 15. June 1560. (born 1525)

1st Earl of Northampton, English politician Henry Howard died 15. June 1614. (born 1540)

French painter Guillaume Courtois died 15. June 1679. (born 1628)

English clergyman and politician Henry Sacheverell died 15. June 1724. (born 1674)

Scottish mathematician and optician James Short died 15. June 1768. (born 1710)

French composer Louis-Claude Daquin died 15. June 1772. (born 1694)

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