See all who died on 12. June

Mercian daughter of Alfred the Great Æthelflæd died 12. June 918. (born 870)

English archbishop Lyfing died 12. June 1020. (born 999)

Italian bishop Tedald died 12. June 1036. (born 990)

Count of Armagnac Bernard VII died 12. June 1418. (born 1360)

14th Earl of Arundel, English commander John FitzAlan died 12. June 1435. (born 1408)

Japanese warrior Ii Naomori died 12. June 1560. (born 1506)

Japanese daimyo Imagawa Yoshimoto died 12. June 1560. (born 1519)

French scholar Adrianus Turnebus died 12. June 1565. (born 1512)

1st Baron Rich, English politician, Lord Chancellor Richard Rich died 12. June 1567. (born 1490)

English scholar and educator Thomas Farnaby died 12. June 1647. (born 1575)

Duke of Savoy Charles Emmanuel II died 12. June 1675. (born 1634)

1st Duke of Berwick, French commander James FitzJames died 12. June 1734. (born 1670)

French explorer Marc-Joseph Marion du Fresne died 12. June 1772. (born 1724)

American merchant and politician Philip Livingston died 12. June 1778. (born 1716)

French general Pierre Augereau died 12. June 1816. (born 1757)

Ethiopian emperor Egwale Seyon died 12. June 1818.

American journalist and author Lucretia Peabody Hale died 12. June 1900. (born 1820)

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