See all who died on 11. March

Egyptian pharaoh Thutmose III died 11. March 1425. (born 1481BC)

Roman emperor Elagabalus died 11. March 222. (born 203)

Roman wife of Sextus Varius Marcellus Julia Soaemias died 11. March 222. (born 180)

Patriarch of Jerusalem Sophronius died 11. March 638. (born 560)

Spanish martyr Eulogius of Córdoba died 11. March 859. (born 819)

Countess of Champagne Marie of France died 11. March 1198. (born 1145)

Elector of Brandenburg Albrecht III Achilles died 11. March 1486. (born 1414)

Italian architect, designed the San Pietro in Montorio Donato Bramante died 11. March 1514. (born 1444)

Croatian reformer Matthias Flacius died 11. March 1575. (born 1520)

Italian organist and composer Emilio de` Cavalieri died 11. March 1602. (born 1550)

Italian composer Giovanni Maria Nanino died 11. March 1607. (born 1543)

Irish philosopher John Toland died 11. March 1722. (born 1670)

Scottish general John Forbes died 11. March 1759. (born 1710)

American politician Charles Humphreys died 11. March 1786. (born 1714)

English-American painter Benjamin West died 11. March 1820. (born 1738)

American politician, 55th Governor of South Carolina George McDuffie died 11. March 1851. (born 1790)

American religious leader Willard Richards died 11. March 1854. (born 1804)

Irish engineer James Beatty died 11. March 1856. (born 1820)

1st Baronet, English general Sir James Outram died 11. March 1863. (born 1803)

American politician Ulysses F. Doubleday died 11. March 1866. (born 1792)

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