See all who died on 6. July

French-German priest and bishop Goar of Aquitaine died 6. July 649. (born 585)

Duke of Aquitaine William I died 6. July 918. (born 875)

Japanese scholar Genshin died 6. July 1017. (born 942)

Duke of Burgundy Odo III died 6. July 1218. (born 1166)

Czech priest, philosopher, and reformer Jan Hus died 6. July 1415. (born 1369)

German mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer Regiomontanus died 6. July 1476. (born 1436)

Italian organist and composer Antonio Squarcialupi died 6. July 1480. (born 1416)

Italian poet Ludovico Ariosto died 6. July 1533. (born 1474)

English lawyer and politician, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Thomas More died 6. July 1535. (born 1478)

English archbishop Edmund Grindal died 6. July 1583. (born 1519)

English priest and martyr Thomas Aufield died 6. July 1585. (born 1552)

English bishop Peter Gunning died 6. July 1684. (born 1614)

3rd Viscount Howe, English general George Howe died 6. July 1758. (born 1725)

German-American religious leader Conrad Beissel died 6. July 1768. (born 1690)

American general and politician Daniel Morgan died 6. July 1802. (born 1736)

French general Antoine Charles Louis de Lasalle died 6. July 1809. (born 1775)

English activist Granville Sharp died 6. July 1813. (born 1735)

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