See all who died on 3. June

German jurist Karl Eduard Zachariae von Lingenthal died 3. June 1894. (born 1812)

Austrian composer Johann Strauss II died 3. June 1899. (born 1825)

English explorer and author Mary Kingsley died 3. June 1900. (born 1862)

French-Canadian bishop Vital-Justin Grandin died 3. June 1902. (born 1829)

American golfer John Maxwell died 3. June 1906. (born 1871)

Dutch rower Coenraad Hiebendaal died 3. June 1921. (born 1879)

Czech author Franz Kafka died 3. June 1924. (born 1883)

Chinese general and politician, 2nd President of the Republic of China Li Yuanhong died 3. June 1928. (born 1864)

American wrestler William Muldoon died 3. June 1933. (born 1852)

Irish-American hammer thrower John Flanagan died 3. June 1938. (born 1873)

Russian politician Mikhail Kalinin died 3. June 1946. (born 1875)

American murderer Barbara Graham died 3. June 1955. (born 1923)

French weightlifter Edmond Decottignies died 3. June 1963. (born 1893)

Greek-Turkish poet, author, and playwright Nâzım Hikmet Ran died 3. June 1963. (born 1902)

Finnish author, Nobel Prize laureate Frans Eemil Sillanpää died 3. June 1964. (born 1888)

American soccer player George Edwin Cooke died 3. June 1969. (born 1883)

German economist, banker, and politician Hjalmar Schacht died 3. June 1970. (born 1877)

German mathematician Heinz Hopf died 3. June 1971. (born 1894)

American wrestler Dory Funk died 3. June 1973. (born 1919)

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