Find out who all is died in 3. century

Chinese emperor Cao Rui died 22. January 239. (born 205)

Roman emperor Septimius Severus died 4. February 211. (born 145)

Roman emperor Gordian III died 11. February 244. (born 225)

Roman bishop and martyr Saint Valentine died 14. February 269.

Roman emperor Elagabalus died 11. March 222. (born 203)

Roman wife of Sextus Varius Marcellus Julia Soaemias died 11. March 222. (born 180)

Chinese warlord Cao Cao died 15. March 220. (born 155)

Roman emperor Alexander Severus died 18. March 235. (born 208)

Roman emperor Caracalla died 8. April 217. (born 188)

Roman emperor Gordian I died 12. April 238. (born 159)

Roman emperor Gordian II died 12. April 238. (born 192)

Chinese emperor Emperor Wu of Jin died 17. May 290. (born 236)

Chinese emperor Liu Bei died 10. June 223. (born 161)

Chinese emperor Cao Pi died 29. June 226. (born 187)

Roman emperor Balbinus died 29. July 238. (born 165)

Roman emperor Pupienus died 29. July 238. (born 178)

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