Find out who all died from August to November 1958

German acrobat Otto Witte died 13. August 1958. (born 1868)

American author and illustrator Marjorie Flack died 29. August 1958. (born 1897)

American baseball player, manager, and sportscaster Mel Ott died 21. November 1958. (born 1909)

American author Elizabeth Foreman Lewis died 7. August 1958. (born 1892)

American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate Ernest Lawrence died 27. August 1958. (born 1901)

American football and basketball player and coach Francis J. McCormick died 13. August 1958. (born 1903)

English composer Ralph Vaughan Williams died 26. August 1958. (born 1872)

English cricketer Charlie Townsend died 17. October 1958. (born 1876)

English philosopher and educator G. E. Moore died 24. October 1958. (born 1873)

German politician, Reich Minister of Foreign Affairs Konstantin von Neurath died 14. August 1958. (born 1873)

Australian pilot, ornithologist, geographer, and explorer Hubert Wilkins died 30. November 1958. (born 1888)

Bulgarian politician, Head of State of Bulgaria Georgi Damyanov died 27. November 1958. (born 1892)

American photographer Paul Outerbridge died 17. October 1958. (born 1896)

Greek discus thrower Nikolaos Georgantas died 23. November 1958. (born 1880)

American author and screenwriter Johnston McCulley died 23. November 1958. (born 1883)

American fencer Arthur Fox died 17. August 1958. (born 1878)

American baseball player Mort Cooper died 17. November 1958. (born 1913)

Canadian politician, 34th Mayor of Montreal Camillien Houde died 11. September 1958. (born 1889)

Australian geologist, academic, and explorer Douglas Mawson died 14. October 1958. (born 1882)

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