Find out who all died from June to September 2013

American wrestler Matt Osborne died 28. June 2013. (born 1957)

Norwegian politician Olav Sigurd Carlsen died 14. June 2013. (born 1930)

Singaporean actor S. Shamsuddin died 4. June 2013. (born 1929)

Jr., American general John R. Deane died 18. July 2013. (born 1919)

American basketball player and coach Howie Crittenden died 30. August 2013. (born 1933)

American actor James Gandolfini died 19. June 2013. (born 1961)

South African-American pastor, scholar, and author Robert Hamerton-Kelly died 7. July 2013. (born 1938)

Scottish actor and photographer Robert Trotter died 12. August 2013. (born 1930)

Nigerian politician, 15th Governor of Ondo State Olusegun Agagu died 13. September 2013. (born 1948)

English poet Oliver Bernard died 1. June 2013. (born 1925)

American-Australian journalist and author Keith Dunstan died 11. September 2013. (born 1925)

Japanese author Ryuchi Matsuda died 24. July 2013. (born 1938)

Canadian ice hockey player and photographer Denis Brodeur died 26. September 2013. (born 1930)

German lieutenant Anton Benning died 29. September 2013. (born 1918)

American baseball player Rod Craig died 17. August 2013. (born 1958)

Sr., American bishop David Keller Leighton died 7. August 2013. (born 1922)

German mathematician Egbert Brieskorn died 11. July 2013. (born 1936)

Puerto Rican-American actor Mario Montez died 26. September 2013. (born 1935)

Irish poet and playwright, Nobel Prize laureate Seamus Heaney died 30. August 2013. (born 1939)

Swedish motocross racer Bill Nilsson died 25. August 2013. (born 1932)

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