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Pope John VIII crowns Charles the Fat, the King of Italy: Holy Roman Emperor (12. February 881)

English forces under Sir John Fastolf defend a supply convoy carrying rations to the army besieging Orléans from attack by the Comte de Clermont and Sir John Stewart of Darnley in the Battle of Rouvray (also known as the Battle of the Herrings). (12. February 1429)

Vasco da Gama sets sail from Lisbon, Portugal, on his second voyage to India. (12. February 1502)

Santiago, Chile is founded by Pedro de Valdivia. (12. February 1541)

A year after claiming the throne of England for nine days, Lady Jane Grey is beheaded for treason. (12. February 1554)

Japanese invasion of Korea: Approximately 3,000 Joseon defenders led by general Kwon Yul successfully repel more than 30,000 Japanese forces in the Siege of Haengju. (12. February 1593)

The Convention Parliament declares that the flight to France in 1688 by James II, the last Roman Catholic British monarch, constitutes an abdication. (12. February 1689)

Englishman James Oglethorpe founds Georgia, the 13th colony of the Thirteen Colonies, and its first city at Savannah (known as Georgia Day). (12. February 1733)

Gustav III becomes the King of Sweden. (12. February 1771)

The Teatro di San Carlo, the oldest working opera house in Europe, is destroyed by fire. (12. February 1816)

An Argentine/Chilean patriotic army, after crossing the Andes, defeats Spanish troops on the Battle of Chacabuco. (12. February 1817)

Bernardo O'Higgins formally approves the Chilean Declaration of Independence near Concepción, Chile. (12. February 1818)

The Creek cede the last of their lands in Georgia to the United States government by the Treaty of Indian Springs, and migrate west. (12. February 1825)

Ecuador annexes the Galápagos Islands. (12. February 1832)

Edward Hargraves announces that he has found gold in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia, starting the Australian gold rushes. (12. February 1851)

Michigan State University is established. (12. February 1855)

Anarchist Émile Henry hurls a bomb into the Cafe Terminus in Paris, France, killing one and wounding 20. (12. February 1894)

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is founded. (12. February 1909)

New Zealand's worst maritime disaster of the 20th century happens when the SS Penguin, an inter-island ferry, sinks and explodes at the entrance to Wellington Harbour. (12. February 1909)

The Xuantong Emperor, the last Emperor of China, abdicates. (12. February 1912)

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